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2014 – Update for Tsoknyi Gechak Ling Nunnery


MARCH 2014: Thirty-six new little girls arrive to join the Tsoknyi Gechak Ling Nunnery. The Primary School now has 135 young nuns receiving an education.

Early in 2014, parents of these young girls from the Nubri region of northern Nepal, “secretly” visited the nunnery to see if it would be an appropriate place for their daughters to receive an education. Then, in March, 36 little girls arrived to become part of the Tsoknyi Gechak Ling Primary School. They will have the opportunity to receive eight years of secular education and then the possibility to proceed to nine years of Shedra study. Upon graduation from the Tsoknyi Lineage Shedra, they will be eligible to experience a three-year retreat in the Pema Chodron Drupde. It is Tsoknyi Rinpoche’s vision that some of these highly trained nuns will become among the most accomplished Buddhist practitioners and Dharma teachers in the world.


Rinpoche with our new arrivals (left Genla Bhumthar, Right Khenpo Kunchok Palden)

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