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Experiencing Love While Your Heart is Breaking


Last night was a powerful experience for me.

Seeing [some pictures from the earthquake] really affected me. It was the combination of the sadness of their suffering and the beauty of love in the midst of that suffering.

Reflecting on them, tears streamed from my eyes. I couldn’t stop crying.

I saw many photos from Nepal, but these photos were especially powerful, because of the sadness and beauty together. So I wanted to share this reflection with my students and friends:

Love is the most important thing in the world. Love is what gives us life.

[There was a picture of a baby trying to nurse from her] dead mother. We are doing this all the time, while our mothers are alive. We grow up milking our mother, because our mother’s love, with her milk, nurtures our human life.

[There was an] army soldier protecting another baby with love. Because of that love, the baby survived. Survival is also based on love.

Love carries us from birth through youth, and to the last breath of our life.

[In an another photo from Bangladesh] at the moment of death, love was trying to protect one another. This image is so sad and so beautiful. If we look deeply into it, nothing else was left at that last moment except love and trying to help each other.

So many reflections arose from seeing these photos. We are very lucky. Life is so precious; we don’t want to waste it. While we are OK, we have to appreciate our life. We can learn so many things from these photos.

What we can learn is that love is so important. It is what we need to practice while we are alive. Please connect to your essence love and express your love to any and all sentient beings. They really need it. Their survival is based on someone’s love. We can be one of those who offer our love. Without love and care nothing can survive.

Life begins with love, is maintained with love, and ends with love.

Right now, while we’re alive, is the time to practice and express love. So please take care of your love. Love is capable of reaching so many people.
~ Tsoknyi Rinpoche, Argentina, April 2015




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