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Donate Stocks

Please note that the Pundarika Fidelity account number has changed as of 1/5/24 for stock donations. More information is noted below.

Gifting individual securities, such as stocks and bonds, with a gain in value known as low cost basis securities is an excellent way to give to a charity like the Pundarika Foundation and gives the donor some of the largest tax benefits available.

  1. Donor gets a charitable deduction for the current value of the securities.
  2. Donor does not pay capital gains tax on the increased value.

For example, you buy a stock for $100 and over time it appreciates to $200. If you sell it, you would be taxed on the $100 gain. If you donate the same $200 worth of stock to a charitable organization, there is a tax deduction for the full $200 and no tax is paid on the gain.

Domestic (U.S.) stock transfers can be accepted as charitable donations by Pundarika. Your broker or financial advisor can wire the stock directly to:  

  • Pundarika Foundation
  • Custodied at Fidelity Investments
  • Account # 637-039035 DTC Clearing #0226
  • In the memo line, please have the delivering firm indicate the name of the donor.
  • It is important that you send an email to confirming the transfer date, amount, and the intended purpose of your donation.  Please include the donor name and email in the correspondence.
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