The Tsoknyi Nuns

    Cultivating Enlightenment in Female Form

Mantras for Peace: Chants of the Tsoknyi Nepal Nuns

A recording of chants from the nuns at Tsoknyi Gechak Ling from April 2022.

#1 Drupwang Gyangbö – Calling the Lord of Siddhis from Afar 

A supplication to the Lama from the Tsoknyi Lineage

#2 Dusum Sangyè – Buddha of the Three Times
A supplication to Guru Rinpoche from the New Treasures of Chogyur Lingpa


#3 Tsogyal Gyangbö – Calling Yeshe Tsogyal from Afar
A supplication prayer to Yeshe Tsogyal

#4 Chö-zè Nyukma – Exhaustion of phenomena in the natural state
A supplication to the Lama and the Lineage from the Tsoknyi Lineage


#5 Sheng-shik Pema –  Arise! Oh Lotus Born!
A descent of blessings practice

#7 Chöd – Ying zak-mè – Uncontaminated Basic Space
A Chöd Guru Yoga practice


#10 Chöd – Ah gè dang mi-gè 
A Chöd prayer called – Unborn Ah – virtue and non-virtue


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