The Tsoknyi Nuns

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Prayers For The Deceased



1)  Shitro Prayer, Donation:  $360

~ For those who have died at any time in the past

This prayer session will be performed by all 140 nuns at Tsoknyi Gechak Ling for one entire day. In addition, there will be a Tsok and Service Offering, meals and tea for the nuns, and the lighting of 100,000 butter lamps.

    • You will need to send a photo of the deceased through the form below.

2)  Duntsik Prayer, Donation:  $890

~ For those who have just passed away (includes Shitro) 

Ten nuns will perform a one-day prayer session, each week, for six weeks. On the seventh and last week, a day-long Shitro prayer ceremony will be performed by all 140 nuns.

Fire Ceremony

At the end of the Duntsik prayers, a Fire Ceremony will be conducted during which the photo of the deceased will be burned. This is a symbolic encouragement to the deceased to release any attachment from the body and the identity that needs to be left behind.

    • You will need to send a photo of the deceased, and the date and time of passing, through the form below.

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