The Tsoknyi Nuns

    Cultivating Enlightenment in Female Form

Visit from the Book Bus

The U.S. Embassy Book Bus came to Tsoknyi Gechak School again. It was “an extraordinary and unforgettable experience for the new Book Bus instructors.” The younger nuns did an activity where they read a book aloud about a dream house and then designed their own. Stuti, one of the Book Bus instructors, “shared her excitement about witnessing the creativity and minimalist approach of even the second-grade students.”  

The 5-8th grade nuns did a STEAM Team Ecosystem workshop which helped the nuns to gain insight about ecosystem around them. Zenith, another new Book Bus instructor was deeply moved when she found a young nun “tucked away in a corner, deeply engrossed in reading a book.” The nun eagerly asked if she could have more time to read! 

At the end of the day, the nuns dedicated a song to to the Book Bus instructors entitled “Nadhakana muhar shringarle”. It was a heart warming day for all!

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